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Personalized Wellness Tea to support your health and wellness. Start the quiz now to discover your ideal blend.

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Herbs contain magical compounds that can transform your health and wellness. We've combined ancient wisdom and modern research to discover the perfect blend for you.

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1. Tell Us About Yourself

Answer some questions about yourself to give us an overview of your health and wellness.

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2. Discover Your Blend

Let us analyze your answers to find the perfect blend for you.

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3. Customize Blend and Label

Remove any ingredient from your blend and design your personal label.

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Free Wellness Report

A detailed analysis about your health and wellness. Discover why each herb was selected for you and the best way to consume your blend.

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Boosts Immune System

Provides your immune system with a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

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Enhances Brain Function

Increases memory and focus by increasing the delivery of oxygen to the brain cells.

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Promotes Gut Health

Soothes digestive tract and increases the release of digestive enzymes.

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Supports Mental Health

Elevates your mood by increasing your feel-good hormones and reducing negative hormones.

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Promotes Deep Sleep

Improves sleep quality by relaxing the nervous system.

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Reduces Inflammation

Eases physical discomfort and pain by relieving muscle tension.